Where were you…?

Yesterday, September 11, 2006, was the fifth year anniversary of 9/11.  I can’t believe that it has been five years.  The question I heard the most yesterday was “Where were you when you hear the news?”  So, I thought that’s what I would share with you.

I was in a small town’s high school where I was teaching Algebra.  It was my first year of teaching.  My classroom was located across from a coach’s history classroom.  As I was standing outside of my classroom in between classes he came over and said that one of the Twin Towers had been bombed.  My first thought was “Is this a joke?”  I do know some coaches who are stupid enough to try to be funny like that (I’m not being rude to coached, but that was just my experience!), however this guy wasn’t like that!  

I went back in my class and turned on the TV.  Sure enough, we had been attacked!!  Wow!  We didn’t get a lot done that day in class.  Our principal and assistant principal were gone that day.  Our counselor was handling everything.  What a day to be the principal, assistant principal, andcounselor!  A couple of hours later he made an announcement.  He asked everyone to turn off the TVs and try to get something done!  I know that we didn’t get much done, but I do think it was wise so that the kids weren’t being bombarded with this again and again in every class.  We had more discussions than we solved any algebraic equations!  Also, quite a few kids were pulled out of school by their parents.

That’s really all I remember.  I don’t remember dealing with it at home or discussing it with Matt.  However, I could still point you to the spot where I was standing when I first heard the horrible news.

God bless the United States of America!!

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