What a Wonderful Day!

I wrote a great post, but when I tried to post it, it disappeared!  How very annoying!!  I considered not even worrying about trying to write it again.  However, I really enjoyed yesterday and wanted to share it!  =)_________________________________________________________

After Matt got home from work, I ran some errands.  Normally we like to pack up the girls and head out together, but I didn’t suggest it this time and neither did Matt.  I think I just needed a little time by myself.  Matt probably wanted to make sure he was ready for his fantasy football draft that was occurring that evening.  I needed to run some book club books (Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis) by some friends, return a library book (Found by Karen Kingsbury), drop off some clothes at a consignment store, and make a deposit at the bank.

My first stop was taking Corinna’s book to her.  I had not seen her in awhile, especially since book club took a break for the summer.  She allowed me to interrupt her busy day of the paperwork side of the self-employed!!  Thank you, Corinna!  I really enjoyed talking to you! 

Next I dropped of the clothes and then the library book.  Outside of the library I ran in to another dear friend, Alice.  We haven’t seen each other in awhile, so had a good chat.  It’s wonderful getting caught up with people you love!  Thanks you, Alice, for putting your boys on hold to chat with me!!

The bank was my next stop.  The teller went on about how adorable my girls were (she just saw us in McDonalds at lunch) and gave me some candy to take home to them.  After that I dropped another book club book off at Cheryl’s house.  She was rearranging, cleaning, and trying to get ready for family coming.  We visited a little, but I could tell that she was anxious!  Cheryl, I hope your weekend goes well, especially as you enjoy your little granddaughter!!  (Everyone please keep Cheryl’s health in your prayers.  Thanks!)

My last stop was at a new friend’s house.  Lisa and her sister (who’s family is living with them until they find a house) are new to this area and especially new to living in a small town!!  The last time I talked to them they were looking for things to do.  So, I took a book club book to them.  They can check out the book and come September 15, which is the date of the next meeting, to see if they are interested.  Also, I attend a Connection Group at our church on Thursday mornings.  I took them a couple copies of the chapter that we are discussing next week.  Lisa, the book club and the connection group would love for you and your sister to come!!

Then I went back home.  Now that may not sound so wonderful to you, but I truly enjoyed it!!  I normally don’t see that many people in one day.  Also, it’s always wonderful to see and visit with friends you don’t get to see often!!!


Hopefully this will finally work!  I’ve lost it a couple more times!! 

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