Apprentice Celebrity Begins Clothing Venture


Check this out!… (I found this at

__________________________________________________August 31, 2006
Apprentice Celebrity Begins Clothing Venture By Stacy L. Harp

tarek_207.jpgIn today’s podcast you will hear Tarek Saab, a former contestant on The  Apprentice talk about his new clothing venture called Lionheart Apparel.

You can see the awesome clothing at  and you will definitely want to tell a friend. And the best part is any time you purchase anything from Lionheart Apparel, ten percent of the money will go to pro-life charities! So what are you waiting for – go buy something today.

“It’s not enough to believe in Christ. You must be willing to identify yourself as a Christian, ” says TAREK SAAB. Offering young men a subtle yet provocative way to proclaim their faith without saying a word is the motive behind Lionheart Apparel, Tarek’s first venture since achieving stardom last spring on NBC’s The Apprentice.

Clothes that feature powerful historic Christian symbols, profiles of contemporary models of masculine integrity, incisive commentary on the challenges of living for Christ in the modern world—these are Tarek’s way of encouraging young men to rediscover an ancient ideal of Christian manhood that is as fresh as the Gospel.

Listen to our 30 minute interview by clicking here.  Please tell a friend.

Interesting, huh!?!  I had a few seconds to check it out.  It is just t-shirts and hats, but they are cool looking.  For husbands and brothers like mine who love hats and t-shirts, these are more than perfect!  Each shirt and hat has a symbol on it.  Just click on “About This Design” to learn the meaning.  Also, there looks to be other stuff to check out on the site, so, guys, go digging and, ladies, tell your fellas about it.

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