A Rite of Passage?!

Abbye (my 2 year old) cut her hair Monday.  No, we don’t have any scissors laying around!  She used the baby fingernail clippers!!  I found her with them and had her put them up.  I vaguely remember her saying something about her hair.  However, I really don’t remember what happened that caused me to not get more information from her!  Soon after that we ate supper.  As I was taking Abbye’s bib off, I noticed a long piece of hair had fallen on the bib.  My first thought was very scary: Cancer!  I know that it’s the chemo that causes the hair loss, but I guess with my grandpa dying a little over a year ago from cancer it’s still on my mind.  (Thank you, Jesus, that our family is healthy and strong!) 

Matt said that every girl cuts her hair sometime.  I couldn’t argue…I did when I was young.  I usually chose to do it before my birthday and Christmas — when the most pictures were taken!!  However, since I found scissors and usually worked on my bangs, the damage was very noticable!!  So, is this a rite of passage or something for girls!?!  =)

(This song came to my mind when I was thinking of cancer.  Have you hear Skin (Sarabeth) by Rascal Flatts?  Wow!  What a awesome, yet heart wrenching song!  Here’s a link to the video…make sure you have Kleenex handy.


3 thoughts on “A Rite of Passage?!

  1. Matt is crazy. Every girl does not necessarily cut their hair sometime. I don’t think I ever did. However, I did play tic tac toe on the walls of our house and told mom that a spider did it. (Incidentally, despite the fact that I was playing myself in the game, there was never a winner!)

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