August 8, 2006 – Entertainment Update

Book – I finished Tight Squeezeby Debbie DiGiovanni.  I had to find a picture of the cover of the book!!  It just seems very appropriate for me right now!!  =)Tight Squeeze (Motherhood Club)

MovieThe Wedding Planner and Two Weeks Notice – Matt was working nights, and I found these on the TV.  I really enjoy a good romantic movie!!  Any suggestions from any of you, so I don’t have to re-watch the same movies!?!

GamesSkip Bo, which is a very long game!  Matt’s mom was here for about four days, and we had a continuing game the whole time.

TV ShowReba – I’ve never watched the show before.  However, yesterday afternoon when I didn’t have the girls and I didn’t have the energy to do anything productive, I was flipping through the channels.  I stopped on Reba and watched a couple shows.  They were pretty funny!  It felt good to laugh!!

Music – I’m listening to Focus on the Family at this moment.  The last music I listened to was a kid’s praise cd.

One thought on “August 8, 2006 – Entertainment Update

  1. Have you ever seen Ever After with Drew Barrymore?
    How about While You Were Sleeping?

    This is not a romantic movie, but Second Hand Lions is a great movie!

    How about Simon Birch? I absolutely love this movie!!!!!! There is a boy that has a congenital heart defect & he keeps telling everyone that God has a plan for his life. And He does! It’s a wonderful movie!

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