What a blessing!

I woke up this morning feeling awful.  I was achy and my stomach wasn’t happy.  (But I did get up early to spend time with Jesus, which has been my goal for a while.  I’m finally making it a priority over sleep!  “Sorry, God, You’ve sacrificed so much for me, but it takes me way to long to finally decide to sacrifice a little bit of sleep for You!”  By the way, anyone who is reading this…Jami, Amy, Nicole, Corinna, etc. … is more than welcome to keep me accountable!) 

Anyway, Matt was going to work later than normal (at 7 am) since he had working late last night.  I knew that he wasn’t an option to help, since it was Monday, and he had to get paperwork to his sergeant.

However, I have another option!  My parents live in town, so I called my mom up.  “Sure!”…she was excited to take the girls.  Wow!  What a blessing that has been!

At first I had to be careful.  As soon as they left, I thought that maybe I should get stuff done.  I always have stuff to do and never enough time.  (I don’t understand the stay-at-home moms who say that they are bored!!)  But, I very wisely chose to go to bed.  I slept until 11:30 (with a few potty breaks) when my stomach wouldn’t let me sleep any more.  You know, chicken noodle soop had never tasted so good! 

Since then, I’ve been relaxing and definitely feeling better.  Thanks, Mom!!  =) 

Now, I’m trying to decide…Should I call Mom about bringing the girls back over or get back in bed!?!

4 thoughts on “What a blessing!

  1. Here’s an update:

    I called Mom not long after I finished this post. I decided that she may have things she needed to get done today. However, she suggested that Matt and I go out to eat tonight if I felt up to it or atleast enjoy a quiet evening of just us!! What a mom!

    We’ll see what Matt thinks when he gets home. Since he’s going out of town tomorrow to take a practice sergeant’s test on Wednesday, he may want to hang out with the girls too. So, we’ll see.

  2. I run a website, Babes in Blogland, that lists ttc, expecting, and new-parent bloggers to help us all find one another. I’ve added your site to the blogroll. If you need me to correct any information or if you would like for me to remove the link, please let me know.

    Thank you and congratulations.

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