June 20, 2006 – Entertainment Update

I haven't done an Entertainment Update in awhile because I haven't finished a book in awhile.  So I decided to quit the book I was trying to finish, which is a first in my life.

     Book – I borrowed Leaving Ruin from my youngest brother's room in my parents' house while he was at grad school.  David said the book started as a one man play.  Well, that explains why there is no dialogue.  You just read what other people say through the main character.  I just never got in to it, and I really didn't care enough about the characters to know how the story ends!! 

I've missed my books!  I love to read!!  However, since I read while I nurse my babies and I stopped nursing Hannah in May, I don't have much reading time!

     MovieGlory Road, an excellent movie for you to check out!

     Games – 42, a domino game

     TV ShowWhat Not to Wear

     Music – Does Focus on the Family's program count, since I just listen to it?  Dave Ramsey is on this week.

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