Please Pray!!

Next Friday Matt and I are going on a trip!  We are leaving on June 9th and coming back on the 12th.  We are going to Houston and will watch the Braves play the Astros.  (Matt's a Braves fan.)  We are excited and looking forward to this time with just us!!  However, I must ask for your prayer for me.  I have been sooooooo exhausted.  When the girls both go down for a nap, I take one too.  Then I can finish the rest of the day.  But when I don't take a nap, I am ready to call it a day around 7pm.  However, this is not good on a trip!!  I don't want to need a nap or to go to bed extremely early!!  So, please pray for health and TONS of energy for me!!!!!!  =)   Thanks!!

5 thoughts on “Please Pray!!

  1. Maybe you could pack a bunch of high energy snacks? I only have one little girl but she’s exhausting enough. I can’t imagine two and being preggo. Sometimes after drinking that Ensure Healthy Mom stuff, I get a little more energy.

    High energy stuff:

    dried fruits

    stuff like that. I hope all goes well on your trip. We’re taking on too on the 24th. It’s a lovely 9-10 drive!

    Take care!

  2. Sarah, I’ll be honest and say that I’m not sure my prayers will be that sincere considering the fact that you’ll be cheering for the Braves. I don’t know how any of you can call yourselves Texans.

  3. Vicky – Thanks for the suggestions!

    Nicole – Matt’s not even sure why he chose the Braves, since he grew up watching the Astros with his brother and dad! Personally I don’t have a favorite team, but I would prefer that the game does not go in to overtime!! Also, I was wondering if your dad ever lived in New York!!??!! =) (Love ya, Pastor Jerry!!)

  4. When I was pregnant with Cynth I felt like climbing a mountain.
    When Ky came along I was tired, but ok.
    When Austin came along all I wanted to do was sleep.

    I feel ya! Here’s praying that the Lord will overshadow you with His Spirit & you will feel refreshed & renewed!!!!

    Have fun!

  5. No, Dad never lived in New York. Why? Because of the fact that we’re all Yankees fans? That goes back to my grandfather. He played a lot of ball back in the day, and was a huge Yankees fan. He just passed it on!

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