I’m proud of you, Taylor!

As most of you know, Taylor Hicks won American Idol last night.

However, there is something else that I want to share.  Taylor was singing “In The Ghetto” with Toni Braxton about another baby being born in the ghetto.  And she tired to get him to bump and grind!!  How inappropriate!  As I was watching, I thought that she looked like she was moving in on Taylor!  Then, in a totally embarrassing and totally obvious move, she grabbed his hand, placed it on her hip, and started to move her hind quarters in to his front side!!  BUT, Taylor chose not to join her!!!  At the end of the song, he gave her a hug as if to say, “Nothing personal.”

Actually, that was my favorite part of the show.  Here is this Diva – Toni Braxton – being shot down by someone who is very, very new to the entertainment business!  How many times has that happened to her?!

I thought Taylor was very classy!  Thanks, Taylor, for not choosing to trash a show that is considered to be a “family show”!!  (I won’t go in to Prince’s choice of song!)

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