Good Morning!

Potty training…what a challenge! 

My mom is worried about us expecting another baby with Abbye not being potty trained.  But I would hope and pray that Abbye will have decided in 9 months or 8 or 7 that releasing all her waste in the potty is the way to go!  I phrase it that way because she knows how to do it, but she has to choose to do it!  Right now she would much rather pee in her pants and then go get the cleaning spray and rag to clean up anything that got on the carpet!!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Jer wasn’t potty trained when Sarah was born. [He was 17 months old.] I ended up just potty training them together.

    Sarah loves to use cleaning spray on the carpet too… maybe you could let Abbye spray stuff everytime she goes in the toilet.

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