The Smell of Coffee =)

I have always loved the smell of coffee, even before I would drink any. 

At first, it was a smell I associated with my grandparents’ house, since my parents don’t drink coffee. 

In high school I enjoyed cappuccinos from a local gas station, which I learned later are not at all similar to real cappuccinos! 

In college I tried other kinds of coffee drinks at a really neat coffee shop that was close to ACU. 

About three years ago I started drinking more coffee drinks, since I joined a book club that met at a coffee shop. 

It’s just been in the last several months that I’ve actually enjoyed coffee without anything in it!  But that’s only because I use the china that my grandma gave me, which her and grandpa received when they got married.  (Matt and I didn’t register for any china when we got married.  Since we had only lived at home and in the dorms, we didn’t have anything, so it just wasn’t practical.  But a couple years later, I was very excited when Grandma gave me their china!)  When I drink out of this cup, I feel special and sophisticated!

Anyway, the whole reason why I was thinking about the smell of coffee is that Matt was going to make some coffee on Monday.  He opened the coffee container, the smell hit me, and I was nauseated.  I had been feeling a little uneasy for a little bit, but after that I just knew!  So, the next morning I took a test…  We are expecting a baby!!

At first we thought that the baby would be due around the middle of January.  However, after consulting Matt and conferring with Jami, we figured out that the first day of my last period was either March 17th or 18th.  So, the due date may be toward the end of December.  I have a doctor appointment next Monday, May 22.  I’ll have more information after that!! 

Matt’s pretty sure this baby will be a boy, since I’ve never felt like this when I’ve been pregnant.  (But he always makes sure to include that the health of the baby, not the sex is the important thing!)  When I was pregnant with Abbye, I was tired, but not sick.  With Hannah, I was definitely tired and a little queasy a couple of days.  However, I’ve been queasy all day for a while.  So, we’ll see! 

Please keep us in your prayers!  Thanks!!

3 thoughts on “The Smell of Coffee =)

  1. woo hoooo
    congrat’s.. the coffee thang reminds me of when i was pregs with R12 and my MIL gave me a whole packet of irish creme flavoured coffee. YEUGH!!!
    i can’t drink anything but plain black coffee to this day ;o)
    take care

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