Did you know?

Holocaust Memorial Day was April 25th.

There are evil people that would repeat these actions.  We must never forget, but we must learn from history!

The official website of this is http://www.hmd.org.uk/


Poem for Holocaust Memorial Day National Commemoration

Gillian Clarke, poet for Cardiff composed a poem for the National Commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day which was held in Cardiff on Thursday 26th January 2006.

The poem was performed on stage by five young people to an audience of 1900 which included The Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, the Archbishop of Wales, Holocaust Survivors and many other representatives of faith and community groups.

The poem, entitled ‘For the Rescuers’ focuses on the theme for 2006: ‘One Person Can Make a Difference’:

For the boy near Hanover sixty years ago
on his way to school on the frozen road alone,
who found a man in a ditch, all skin and bone,
and left his lunch-box there, in the falling snow,

For the Auschwitz nurse who stole from its cradle
an hour-old boy, stowed next to her skin, held her breath
while they cast the rest in a pit and gunned them down.
She named the child and raised him as her own.

For the blonde girl at the frontier who stood her ground,
flirting with Nazi guards so her black-eyed friend
could slip away into the forest and run,
while she stayed to face the music and the gun.

For the army cook who counted every night
in the cookhouse hullabaloo, one extra plate
which he carried across the dark fields to a shed,
where runaway Jew or Gypsy made their bed.

For the Breton woman who left her door on the catch
left food and drink for a fugitive on the run,
water to wash his wounds. She listened for the latch
but never met her guests. By dawn they’d gone.

– Gillian Clark

2 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. This absolutely reminds me of a poem I read in high school speech competitions called “I Saw It.” It was written by a Holocaust survivor. It was such a moving poem that I have been able to keep in my memory to this day. May we never forget!

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