What comforts you?

People talk about comfort foods a lot, but there’s more in our lives that we find comfort in.

Clothes – When Matt and I were dating, I loved hanging out in a long sleeve button down shirt that I stole from him.  Now Matt has a Third Day hoodie that I enjoy wearing.  Both of these clothing pieces are Matt’s, and they are soft.  Sound like comfort to me!!  How many people have a favorite pair of jeans?!

Drinks – I love hot drinks!  Give me hot tea, coca, and coffee any day of the week no matter the weather.

Activities – I love going on walks with my family, spending time with Matt, receiving hugs and kisses from the girls, reading a good book, having a few moments to myself, receiving a phone call from a dear friend, a great night sleep, listening to or making music…!  I could definitely go on in this category!!

Then, of course, Food – Chocolate is wonderful, but not just any kind.  I prefer dark chocolate.  I love Godiva chocolate, however I do not like the ones with hazelnut.  I enjoy chicken strips, mash potatoes, and gravy.  I really enjoy biscuits and sausage gravy.  My grandma’s cherry pie is at the top of my favorites’ list, along with my mom’s chicken and dumplings.  I love trying new things, especially new foods!

So, again, I ask…What comforts you?

2 thoughts on “What comforts you?

  1. Wow, Sarah, I love the idea of things besides food that comfort us!

    I have an old blue sweater that was my dad’s, I think. It has holes in the sleeves and the tags are completely gone so that I can’t tell the front from the back. My mom has been trying to sneak it in the trash for years, but I love it. It is my favorite peice of clothing.

    I love hot drinks, too! Hot Irish Breakfast Tea is great comfort!

    Oh, and my literature books are things I turn to when I need to be comforted. Poetry, Shakespeare, and Austen are great sources of comfort!

    And I can think of a few movies that I watch when I just need to feel comfort; Gidget, Little Women, and of course, Pride & Prejudice.

    Food–TACOS!!!!!! The ultimate comfort food for me is TACOS!

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