Home Should Be Where The Heart Is

At Literary Ramblings, Nicole posted Nature of Woman, which is writing from John Ruskin.  This section really caught my attention:

“This is the true nature of home — it is the place of Peace; the shelter, not only from all injury, but from all terror, doubt, and division. In so far as it is not this, it is not home; so far as the anxieties of the outer life penetrate into it, and the inconsistently-minded, unknown, unloved, or hostile society of the outer world is allowed by either husband or wife to cross the threshold, it ceases to be home; it is then only a part of that outer world which you have roofed over, and lighted fire in.”  John Ruskin, from Of Queen’s Gardens

Home is so important. We much protect our little sanctuary.  Home should be a safe place where everyone can relax, feel safe, and just be ourselves!  Do you enjoy going home?  Does your family view your home as a “place of Peace”?  With so much falling apart in this world, let’s be willing to fight for our home.  What does that mean to you?  What do you do or not do to make your house a home?  What do you do to cause everyone to be loved and invited, to feel safe and secure?

One thought on “Home Should Be Where The Heart Is

  1. Sarah, I love what you said about being willing to fight for our home! That is truly so important.

    Oh, and I’m so glad to see that you found something that caught your attention about Ruskin’s writing. I really wasn’t sure how that would go over!

    Thanks for the links!

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