April 28, 2006 – Entertainment Update

I just finished a book, so I thought this would be a great time to post an Entertainment Update.  Then I need to catch up my book journal.  I record all the books I read and whether I like them or not.  I also copy sections or quotes that I enjoyed or that caused me ponder!  I have a habit of wanting to copy down too much.  But since it can take up too many pages and way too much time, I use a copy machine for longer pieces.  There is another interesting piece of information that you probably didn't know about me!

BookChop Shop by Tim Downs – This is book #2 in the Bug Man series.  Actually, I thought it was better than the first one, which was Shoofly Pie.  These are crime books where a forensic entomologist is asked to solve the crime.  I had most of the first book figured out, however Mr. Downs did a much better job with the second one.  There were several twists that I was not expecting.  After reading Chop Shop, I would choose to read the third one, whenever it comes out. 

MovieAeon Flux – This movie was good.  It was better than I thought it would be, however I think it needed a higher rating than PG-13!  Movie producers must trim just enough and only just enough to get a PG-13 rating, since it's more profitable than an R.  However, I definitely don't ever trust a movie that is labeled PG-13.

TV ShowSurvivor – Actually, Matt watched it, while I read a book.  What did I watch before that? …It was What Not to Wear on TLC.  

GameNoah's Ark – Well, Abbye calls it her game.  She pulls out this toy boat full of animals and Noah and his wife.  We set all the animals up, while Hannah tries to take them!  Abbye does actually share, most of the time.  However, Hannah is more interested in the animals that Abbye didn't give her.  Abbye points out the "Mommy" and "Daddy" of each of the animals.  The animals eat, sleep, and climb all over everyone who's playing!

MusicThird Day – I listen to them often, since they are my favorite group!  No, actually they are my favorite, period!!  Awesome, Unique, Gifted, Focused, Talented,… just Wonderful  =)

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