“Dessert is what makes us human.”

I fell in love with this conversion between a young woman, Riley, and an older Italian man, Leo.  It’s in the book I’m currently reading, Chop Shop by Tim Downs.


“I usually skip dessert,” Riley said.

“Skip dessert?” Leo looked around as though the voice had come out of nowhere.  “Did someone say ‘skip dessert’?”

“I don’t eat very much.”

“We don’t eat dessert,” Leo said.  “What are we, gluttons?  We taste dessert.  The entrée feeds the body, but dessert feeds the soul.  Dessert is for pleasure, and pleasures are meant to be to be tasted, not consumed.  When you skip dessert, you leave with a full belly but an empty heart.  Animals eat meat and vegetables, my dear Riley.  Dessert is what makes us human.”

2 thoughts on ““Dessert is what makes us human.”

  1. Yes, I have enjoyed the book. This is the second Bug Man Novel. The first was Shoofly Pie. I got these books for Matt. He decided to stop watching CSI, since it has become very sexual and etc. However, with his law enforcement background he really enjoyed that part of the show. So, I found these books for him. The main character, Dr. Nick Polchak, is a forensic entomologist.

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