A Brand New Start!

My friend Nicole’s Hakuna Matata post inspired me to write about starting anew today!

  • I want to get up early, so that I can workout and spend time with God before the girls wake up.  (I didn’t get up with my alarm this morning.  I have a problem getting to sleep.  It took me at least two hours last night.  Matt said I think too much!  Also, Abbye’s arm fell asleep during the night, and she woke up very upset.  So, I was up with her.  I know those are excuses, but they’re pretty good ones!!)
  • I want to eat healthy, so I need to be more aware of what I put in my mouth and how often.  (I’ve done pretty well.  However, I did eat a little too much at noon because I was trying to finish some leftovers!  That’s not a good habit to get in to!)  I want to eat slowly and savor my food.  I want to still enjoy desserts, because they are important as my last post pointed out!!  However, I want eat them less often and be more choosy.
  • I want to prioritize and order my day, so that I get things done.  However, I don’t need to forget to stop and smell the roses, to play with the girls, …to enjoy life, too!
  • I want to stay in touch with family and friends.  I made a list during church a couple weeks ago (Sorry, Pastor John, but you were repeating something you had already talked about in the Course class!!) with the names of family and friends that I want to revive, if needed, and maintain a steady, on going relationship.
  • I want to practice my cello regularly.  I miss my music!

Well, that’s a list that will keep me busy!!  Please pray for me!  =)


But I was wondering how you balance enjoying life and the people around you with taking care of your responsibilities?

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