Please Share!!

I wondered Wednesday in Its Hump Day what you had done to be a blessing to someone.  Also, I wanted you to share what someone had done to be a blessing to you.

Ok!  Now that week is over, and I still want you to share with us.  Please brag on yourself or your friend!!


One thought on “Please Share!!

  1. So many people blessed me this week I can’t even begin to list them all. My dear friend Sarah unexpectedly served me with coffee and chocolate. That was definately a blessing. I also received a nice email from Sami. A loving hug from Joyce. Linda, Amy G, Janae, Michelle, Mom and Sami all helped a lot with Kaleb’s B-day. All the people of GTF showered me with love all week. My dear hubby took care of me when I was sick. Joshua told me I was special about 73 times.

    What did I do? Not enough. Hmm, I made a few phone calls and passed out carnations. I invited multiple people I barely know over for dinner. I tried not to nag at my kids and husband. Not sure how succesful I was on that one. I do hope I was a blessing to someone, I’ll try harder this week.

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