April 20, 2006 – Entertainment Update

I wrote the last Entertainment Update ealier and then saved it.  I kept forgetting to posted it, so it's info wasn't as current as my Entertainment Updates normally are.  That's the reason why I've posted another update sooner than I usually do.

Book – I just finished Finding Faith by Denise Hunter, which is the book I won back in March.  I told you in that post that I would report back to you about the book.  I loved it!  Denise Hunter really throws twists, but after the first two books I was trying to find out where it would happen in the third book.  I enjoyed the whole New Heights series–great entertainment, great writing, and definitely griping while the characters deal with hard issues.

Movie – To End All Wars – Excellent!  It's in a POW camp, so it's not pretty, but it's powerful.  I have more on this that I plan to write later.

Games – Hiding eggs and finding eggs, again and again for Abbye!!

TV Show – Americal Idol – Ace is gone!  I told you.

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