Has everyone heard about the new Coca-Cola product called Blãk?

If you haven’t, I found some info on the Coca-Cola website.  Blãk is described as "Coca-Cola and coffee fusion."  They say, "Coca-Cola Blãk is an invigorating and stimulating blend of the effervescent taste sensation of Coca-Cola and natural flavors, with real coffee.  The lightly carbonated, mid-calorie beverage… is designed to appeal to adult consumers."  Also, it "is not just a flavor extension. It is a blend of unique Coke refreshment with true essence of coffee and has a rich smooth texture and has a coffee-like froth when poured.  We believe we have created a new category of soft drink – an adult product in a carbonated beverage – and a whole new drinking experience.  This brand is ideal for any part of the day when people are looking for renewed energy or simply to take a break." 

So, has anyone tried it?

Matt and I saw the commercials and weren’t impressed.  However, Blãk was in the grocery store yesterday, and we thought we would try it.  Well, my reaction was "BLAK!"  I'm not sure how the drink is supposed to be pronounced, but my pronunciation meant, "This is gross!"  It tasted like a really sweet coffee drink that you got when it was hot, but then put it in the frig.  You know, it wasn’t intended to be served cold.  After Matt, my mom, and I tried it, Matt poured it out!  He did rinse the bottle out, so we could keep it!  I guess it wasn’t a total waste!! 

I don’t understand where the “appeal to adult consumers” is?!  They may like coffee and they may like Coke, but together… BLAK!!  So, their next “adult product in a carbonated beverage” could be Coca-Cola and vodka fusion!  They would call it…Coca-Cola Clear!?! ☺

5 thoughts on “Blãk

  1. Okay, seriously Sarah, you bought this? It doesn’t even sound appealing and I love both coffee and Coke! Although, I would have loved to have been there to see Joyce’s face when she tried it!

  2. Well, I see we are all on the same page!!

    Nicole, from the first time I saw the commercial I had no interest in trying it. However, when we saw it in the store, we thought, “Why not?!” Matt and I are always up to trying new stuff!!

  3. Okay Sarah, I tried it. There’s a woman in my office whose husband works for Coke, so I asked her about it. She brought some samples today. My initial response was a chilling sensation of disgust. However, like all things new, I decided to give it a second chance. I took about three sips before deciding that I could possibly get used to the drink, but that it isn’t worth making myself like something that initially gave me a negative reaction. (It might have been a better beverage if they’d gone a little creamier!)

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