Food for Thought

This excerpt is from Enjoying God by S. J. Hill: 

The story is told of a desert nomad who awoke one night with an insatiable appetite.  The nomad lit a candle and looked around his tent for something to eat.  His eyes eventually focused on a bag of dates propped up in a corner.  Being extremely hungry, he reached into the bag and pulled out a date.  He took one bit and spit it out.  Inside the date, he discovered a worm.  But he was so hungry that he reached back into the bag, grabbed another date, and proceeded to bite into another worm.  He even tried a third date, but all he got was a mouthful of worm.  You would have thought he’d stop eating; instead, he blew out the candle and in the darkness of his tent ate the entire bag of dates. 

Within every human being there’s an insatiable appetite for happiness and fulfillment.  The desire is so strong that at times people will blow out the candle of their conscience, regardless of the “worms” or the consequences of their sin.  Even though they know better, they choose to suffer the consequences just to experience a passing moment of pleasure.

It’s disturbing to me that Christians have been taught to suppress their deepest desires for pleasure and happiness.  Over the years, I’ve heard minister emphatically declare that “God isn’t interested in whether or not we’re happy.  All He cares about is that we glorify and serve Him.”  I would agree that God’s glory should be the primary focus of our lives.  But I would strongly suggest that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.  In other words, the greatest way we can glorify the Father is by enjoying Him and finding our ultimate happiness in Him.

Any thought or comments?  Please share them!

3 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. David, in Proverbs 17:22 says it this way, “a merry hearth doeth good like medicine.”

    Yes, I agree, God wants us to be happy. I suspect when He walked on the earth in His human body, he often smiled and laughed.

    Enjoyed the post. Hope you enjoy my site.



  2. I really enjoyed your post. I believe that if we follow what Jesus taught, we will be blessed with a happy life, we will be happy. I do not believe that Jesus or God asks us to be Puritans. If we love one another, as Jesus loves us, then the ultimate outcome is happiness. Does that mean that we do not have any problems or complications in our daily lives? No. I think that if we love Jesus and our neighbors, we will be blessed and be able to deal with our problems in a way that our problems do not dictate our lives. If we live as Jesus asks us to live, then our happiness and love for one another will show to those who do not follow Jesus. Eventually, they will want to live as we do and become believers.


  3. Thank you both for visiting and sharing your comments.

    If anyone hasn’t read Enjoying God by S. J. Hill, I strongly recommend you buy it (since you’ll want to underline and highlight) and take your time. I tried to hurry through it just in case someone from book club needed to borrow it before our meeting. However, I plan on read a little bit at a time with my husband, so we can discuss it and have time to digest it!

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