Promoting Purity in Young Children

I found out about these books, and wanted to share them with you.  Whether you have kids or not, it doesn't matter.  These are great stories.  Read about them and then at the end you can listen to them!!

The Princess & the Kiss: A Story of God's Gift of Purity
By Jennie Bishop                                                                   Summary:
A loving king and queen present their daughter with a gift from God—her first kiss—to keep or give away. The wise girl waits for the man who is worthy of her precious gift. But where is he and how will she ever find him? A marvelous, beautifully illustrated parable for children and parents.

The Squire & the Scroll: A Tale of the Rewards of a Pure Heart
By Jennie Bishop                                                                   Summary:
Little girls worldwide have embraced Jennie Bishop's best-selling morality tale The Princess and the Kiss—and ever since its publication, parents have been clamoring for a companion book for boys. Here's the answer! Follow a young squire as he fearlessly defends "the lantern of purest light" against all enemies—including a fire-breathing dragon!

Click the following links to listen to these stories.  You'll go to the program of Family Life Today's that aired the story.  You choose Windows Media or Real Media, the hosts talk for a little bit, and then the story is read.  Each broadcast is only 30 minutes, but the stories don't take that long since they talk some before and after each story.

The Princess and the Kiss

The Squire and the Scroll

Also, here's the author's website:

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