Excitement, Anticipation

Every day I look forward to hearing from my friends…well, most of them I know, but some I have just gotten to know through their blogs (and their books).  Mostly, people don't send letters anymore, but remember how it felt to receive a letter in the mail…the excitement, the anticipation!  Everyday, mostly, I sit down at my computer, open Firefox, and click the check feeds button.  I look forward to reading the blogs that my feed reader tells me have been updated.  They are like letters mailed to me!  (I know that anyone can read them and that the authors did not write them specifically to me, but do we have to get so technical!!)  Here are the blogs that I from which anxiously await new posts: 

http://corinnacorinna.wordpress.com/ – I was so excited when Corinna started a blog.  She’s wonderful, fun, smart, and witty…!  However, I would love for her to post more often.

http://doylefamilytx.blogspot.com/ – Just because I am a friend of the wife’s doesn’t mean that Matt and her husband will get along.  You know what I mean…couple friends are hard to find.  So, that means when you find one, you hold on!!  Tyler and Sarah are dear friends of Matt’s and mine, and we wish they lived closer.  (Remember, guys, it’s still your turn to visit us!)

http://www.gentlewhisper.com/blog/ – This is my dear friend Amy whose life has turned upside down!  However, she continues to be an inspiration as she and her husband look to the Lord for strength and wisdom.  (http://joelmaxwell.com/ – ↑ her husband, Joel)

http://girlswriteout.blogspot.com/ – I don’t know any of these ladies, personally.  However, they are all published authors, and I have read some of their books.  They are all great authors and just plain fun…that’s why I’ve kept going back!!

http://jamileigh.com/blog/ – Jami is my closest friend and a huge blessing in my life.  Her family has been in the middle of a move, so I’ve missed her daily (usually) additions to her blog.

http://huntersmoments.blogspot.com/ – My friend, Alysa, is slacking…but when she does put pictures up, they are darling!

http://literaryramblings.blogspot.com/, http://lessseriousthantheother.blogspot.com/ – These two are both done by my friend Nicole.  I found her blog through a comment that she posted on Amy’s blog.  Our friendship has been similar to a roller coaster!  We started out very close around jr. high, grew apart for a bit, and then became better friends towards the end of high school and in to college.  However, in the last couple of years, I hadn’t seen or talked to her and didn’t even know how to contact her.  So, I was thrilled to find her in the World Wide Web!!  (Nicole, I really enjoy your posts, and I wish they were more regular!  I know you are busy, but it’s nice to know you have fans!!☺)

http://mommylife.net/ – This blog is done by Barbara Curtis, who is an author.  I was looking over her blog, when I found this in her My Story.  “I hope you'll visit my blog, where you will find practical tips plus hope and encouragement in the months to come.   That's what mommies can look for from me – something simple, something real, and something with hope in it.”  That is why I a regularly check out her blog.

http://www.prolifeblogs.com/articles/  – This keeps me up-to-date concerning what’s going on with the life issues.

http://robinlee.typepad.com/i_was_just_thinking_/ – Here’s another author that a check out.  Robin Lee Hatcher blogs about anything and everything.  I enjoy her point of view and her humor.

http://willyzinthenewz.blogspot.com/ – Will is a friend of my family who is going to circus school

6 thoughts on “Excitement, Anticipation

  1. OH Man! My life has turned upside down? I was thinking maybe it was just a bad dream. 😉

    God is good even if you are upside down. We’ll be ok. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. You know, I’ve thought about our “roller coaster” friendship a lot. I still remember that you were the only youth group member in the church who took the time to come and help me move in. Thanks for always being there, even though we had our ups and downs!

    Love you!

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