Pictures from Iraq that are too Shocking & Graphic for the Mainstream Media!?…

I received these in an email from one of my brothers, Ben.  I really wanted to share it will you!  (Thank you for sending it to me, Ben.)

Photos that will never make the news!?…


Sometimes in our everyday lives we tend to forget what’s going on elsewhere in the world and that the brave men and women of the service are just like you and I.  They have family and friends back home who love them very much and are praying for their safe return.

Please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops (land, air, and sea) in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, and around the world. Of all the gifts you could give the US Military, prayer is the very best one!

4 thoughts on “Pictures from Iraq that are too Shocking & Graphic for the Mainstream Media!?…

  1. I wish I could have gotten the pictures to post bigger! In these smaller ones it’s harder to see the details like the emotions!! I still have the email if anyone wants me to email it to them.

  2. Great Photos.

    Actually most of them come to us via the mainstream media. At least two were taken by AP Photographer John Moore. “give me 5” and soldier smelling envelope.

    The group praying photo is provided by the AFP

    The photo of a soldier holding an injured child was taken by Damir Sagolj for Reuters.

  3. Yes, but IF we see these pictures, they are only brief glimpses! They aren’t the ones that we usually see on TV, in magazines, or in newspapers. Most of the focus is anything negative, anti-Bush or anti-America rallies!!

  4. Actually…. the soldier smelling the envelope is my husband 🙂 That pic has been ALL over the world!! It’s still neat to see it online over 5 years later!

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