A Sin is a Sin, Yes?

Why and how do some Christians hide what they see as their “small” sins and struggles, while they tear down other Christians whose sins and struggles are “big”?  A sin is a sin.  Correct!?  Yet, in our churches we have people struggling with pornography, homosexuality, abortions in their past…just to name a few of the sins that have been characterized as “big” sins.  While others are struggling with sins that they placed into the “small” sin category, such as lying on their taxes, stealing from the Lord by not giving their tithe, pride, complacency with their relationship with the Lord, etc.

Healing needs to come to both of these groups.  Only then can our churches be truly healed.  Then, only after that will we be able to reach out to the hurting people of the world as God intended us to.  However, it can only come when the first group stops looking down their nose at others and understands that they are no better or no worse than anyone else.  Salvation is a gift.   God freely gives grace and forgiveness and wisdom and guidance  to His sons and daughters.  Also, the second group needs to give everything to Lord and seek His healing, while not worry about what other people will think.  They also need to be willing to reach out and minister to others.  There are more Christians dealing with these “big” issues than we think.

Any thoughts?  Please share them.

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