I Won A Book!!

I should have blogged about it earlier.  But, since I’m newer to this blogging thing, I just didn’t think about it!

When our book club was reading What a Girl Wants by Kristin Billerbeck, I searched for information about her and her writing to use at our meeting.  I found a blog that she contributes to called Girls Write Out.  It’s description says “four published authors and friends who blog about life.”  I really enjoyed what they had to say, their sense of humor,…so I kept going back.  Well, on March 8, 2006, Denise Hunter (one of the other authors and friends) posted New Arrival about her new book out, Finding Faith.  She was giving away five free books!  All I had to do was post a comment, and I had a chance.  The winners would be announced the next day.  (Now, let me tell you, I wasn’t holding my breath!  I don’t remember that last time I won anything.)  So, on Thursday I checked the blog.  BOOK DRAWING WINNERS! the title screamed.  Then I read down, and I was one of the winners!!  YEAH!  I was so excited!  I haven’t yet read any of Denise Hunter’s book, but I decided to get the other two books in the series.  (It’s the third and final book of the New Heights Series.)  Since, I have to be pretty thrifty, I found them cheap on Amazon.com!  Now I am patiently waiting for everything to arrive!!!  =)

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