So Who’s the Father?

Well, that question would get your attention!  It did mine when I announced my first pregnancy to my classes!!

I was teaching Math in high school.  Word always gets around quick, so I decided to tell my students before they heard it anywhere else.  It was kind of fun!  I always had bellwork on the sideboard that the students would complete first thing each class period.  However, that day the bellwork had the question “Write down one boy’s name and one girl’s name that you would suggest to someone having a baby.”  (Ok, it was about three years ago, so I’m not sure what it said, but that’s the basic idea!!)  I don’t think I took any of their suggestions! =)
After I told one of my classes that I was expecting and due in September, one of my students popped off…”So, who’s the father?”  At first all I did was just stare at him!!  Then I said, “My husband!”

Isn’t that sad?!  We live in a world where sex is just thrown around.  However, we as Christian have got to be different.  Sex is a special, wonderful expression of love that is to be shared only between a husband and wife.  It is to be saved until marriage, and then it must stay only between that husband and his wife!!

Let’s make a change!  Let’s not fit in to the present statistics about premarital sex, divorce, and affairs!!  Let’s be different!

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