Are You a Morning Person or a Night Person?…

Or can you change?!

I would have always said that I was a morning person.  My family always got up early.  I don’t remember sleeping past 9:00 am, until college!  It just seemed like a lot of the day was gone, if I slept late!

Then when I married Matt, a night person, it became harder to get out of bed early.  Now, I said “harder,” but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

However, I have entered in to this existence of Motherhood, and I don’t think I’m either!  I find it so hard to get up before the girls.  I know I need to, and I important things are accomplish when I do.  But, it doesn’t happen as often as it needs to.  Then, I’m usually in bed early.  Since, Matt normally is up around 4:30 am for work, he tries to get to bed early.  So, I head to bed too!  I would get a lot of sleep if I actually went to sleep when I go to bed.  But, it takes me about an hour to get to sleep.  Does my head hitting the pillow, wake me up?!  =)

An interesting thought:  How do I get anything done between 7:00 am (when the girls normally wake up) and 9:00 pm (which is only 2 hrs after the girls are in bed)?!

So, back to my original question…Are you a morning person or a night person or can you change?

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