March 3, 2006 – Entertainment Update

  • Book – I stayed up late last night to finish Light from Heaven.  Finally, I finished The Mitford Series, but it was slow.  I’m not sure how to describe it…I liked the books, but I’m glad it’s over?!  I had a few magazines to read before I started another book, so at the moment I’m trying to decide what I’ll read next.  Fiction?  Nonfiction?  A Classic?  New Release?
  • Last TV show – CSI (Well, I was actually reading while Matt was watching the show recorded from last night.  So, the show I watched prior to that was American Idol.)
  • Last Movie – Father Goose (a 1964 Oscar winner for Best Original Screenplay)
  • Last Game – Scrabble (I’m sure it’s a painful game to watch since neither one of us spell very well!  But it’s good to stretch one’s self, huh?!)
  • Music – the 40’s Music channel on Matt’s XM radio (Matt got this for his birthday and is very excited about it.  He uses in his patrol truck, but switched it to our van when we were going out of town.  He really wanted me to check it out and to pick what we were going to listen to.  However, he tried to retract his offer after I pick this one!!)

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