Veggie Tales or Desperate Housewives?

I bet that title got your attention!!  I found this on  Since I really wanted you to read it, I copied and pasted it right here.  I did include the link at the end, if you want to go to it.


By: Stacy L. Harp
One of the benefits I have doing this kind of ministry is that I receive a lot of various email from Christians who like to tell me what they think about how I’m doing, what I’m promoting and actually set me straight concerning the error they perceive I may be making. 

One such email came recently because I was promoting, and will continue to promote, the products that Big Idea produces called Veggie Tales. You know those cute animated shows that teach children moral values, and Christian values in a simple and yet entertaining way? If you can believe it, some Christians have a big problem with these vegetable tales because in their view, “they aren’t really biblical”.

Then in the same day I’ll hear a few Christians I know in leadership and ministry talking about their favorite shows to watch in the evening – Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Will & Grace, and I think – interesting.

Veggie Tales are not biblical enough, and yet these lousy shows on television are good enough to take in and satiate oneself with lust under the guise of what? -Entertainment?

The double standard is extremely hypocritical and it’s no wonder our culture has gone from moral to immoral. Some Christians complain about the good things not being “biblical” enough, all the while forgetting that shows like Veggie Tales are a zillion times more healthy, moral and better than what the world is bringing into your home.

So what will it be for you – Veggie Tales or Desperate Housewives? Personally, I think a diet of vegetables is a lot healthier than any show produced by ABC, NBC or CBS.

2 thoughts on “Veggie Tales or Desperate Housewives?

  1. I’m wondering… are these the same people? She didn’t specifically say that it was the same person complaining about veggies that watches Desperate house wives.

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