You’ll be amazed!

I watched Signs!  You know, the movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan and staring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix.
Anyone who knows me knows that I do not watch scary movies or any movie that looks like it might be scary!  I watched Jaws when I was young and had nightmares for months.  Ever since then, I have just chosen to stay awhile from movies like that.
However, I have watched most of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies.  First, I watched The Sixth Sense (which I wasn’t sure about, but I handled it better the second time) and then Unbreakable.  After Matt had already told me everything about The Village, I watched it.  He definitely ruined it, but he wasn’t expecting me to ever want to watch it.  Now, I just finished Signs.  I think it’s because his movies aren’t gore-filled with characters that are only there to have one more person to show being killed, but his movies are good stories that are suspenseful and dramatic with real characters that you actually get to know.

One thought on “You’ll be amazed!

  1. I, too am a person who avoids scary movies at all costs. But, I loved this movie. It is such a great story about faith. Faith challenged & lost, but finally restored. I know that a movie about aliens is an unlikely venue for a story about faith, but it is in those things that we do not understand that our faith is solidified. (For the record—I do not believe in aliens.) hehe

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