How many of us long for our children to immediately obey?!  (The phrase “immediately obey” is kind of redundant, because is there really another way to obey?)

Anyway, I was reading Matthew 4-5 and “immediately” kept jumping out at me.  It is talking about when Jesus called some of the Disciples.  These are the same Disciples that we seem to look down on, because they just didn’t understand things that seem so obvious to us!?! =}  However, let’s look at what it says in chapter 4.  These guys were fishing and Jesus walks up and says, “Follow me.”  Then “Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.”  The next time Jesus “called them” and “immediately they left the boat and their father and followed Him.”  Wow!  Now, the Disciples may of have some “blonde moments,” but who hasn’t.  Also, it’s a lot easier to see more clearly when we’re looking back.  What’s the quote about hindsight?  (I don’t remember, but it would have fit great here!!)

Well, what I took a way from this is that God desires my immediate obedience just like I desire it from my children.  I want to respond immediately like the Disciples did, don’t you?!!

2 thoughts on “Immediately

  1. I just thought again about some essays that I need to write. Why do I keep procrastinating this very important assignment? Maybe I just want to take my time and think about this thing, it’s a big comittment… I’ll read some blogs…

    First one was your post about obeying God immediately. Alright Already! I’ll get to work.

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