Organizing Your Snacks!

When Matt works nights I tend to stay up late to get stuff done.  Well, Matt was working a night shift yesterday and I had big plans!  However, I decided that I deserved a break!  And I ended up read a book while eating gummy lifesavers.  (I love gummy candy, especially gummy bears!)

Anyway, my whole reason that I’m blogging about this is….Look!?!

Organizing my snacks!.jpg

I organize my snacks!  I’ve never really thought about it before, but I usually group them by flavor.  Then I eat randomly until I have the same number of every flavor.  After that, I eat them in order down the line!  Also, instead of organizing the whole bag, since I’ll end up having to put the uneaten ones back in, I’ll just make a couple rows.  When those are eaten, I make some more rows.

Why?!  I’m not sure!  Maybe it’s because that if I just eat them randomly out of the bag I might end up with a lot of the same kind at the end!?  Who knows?!

Does anyone else have anything they want to share about what they do when they snack!!?!  …Now, come on…I know I’m not the only slightly weird person!!  =)

4 thoughts on “Organizing Your Snacks!

  1. I began to laugh… to scoff… to think how silly to organize snacks… and then I remember:

    Organizing m&ms by color. Which makes less sense than organizing by flavor like you do.

    Carefully placing chips on a plate before covering in cheese… perfect nachos… PERFECT nachos…

    Last year my son freaked out because his mini pancakes weren’t on his plate in the right pattern. I thought he was being silly until I realized that I do put them in the same exact pattern EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  2. I ALWAYS organize my M & M’s by color and then I begin with the color that I have the most of – I eat down until I have the same number of each color and I always end with a red one!!!

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