I need a good cappuccino!

Have you tried a cappuccino from Olive Garden?!  (With no alcohol, of course.  I’m nursing!)  It was awesome!!  I usually have to have some kind of flavoring in my coffee, but this only had milk in it.  [I have a cappuccino coffee machine with the froth spout and all.  But my drinks turn out soooooo strong.]  Matt, my husband, said that if my cappuccinos tasted like Olive Garden’s, he would have me make one everyday!  I really need to find out to make them better…What kind of coffee do I need to use?  Whole or ground?  If whole bean, what kind of grinder do I need?  Is there a technique that I’m missing?

Well, until I get it all figured out, I’m ready to go back to Olive Garden!

3 thoughts on “I need a good cappuccino!

  1. To get a good cappuccino you’ll need fresh dark roast whole bean coffee. And a good grinder that gets the coffee really fine.

    Another thing might be your machine. If it’s not the right kind, you’re brewing in vain.

    You can find some good resources to help you on your journey to the perfect cup at this site: squidoo.com/coffeehack

    I don’t do cappuccino or I’d help you out more.

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